Dr Ioannis Droutsas

Dr Ioannis Droutsas


I am a Research Fellow in the Climate Impacts group of the University of Leeds. My work focuses primarily on the impact of climate variability and change on crop productivity. I am particularly interested in understanding the effect on food production and human nutrition of anthropogenic activities which emit greenhouse gasses and air pollutants into the atmosphere. Prior to my current role, I finished my PhD at the University of Leeds studying the combined effect of climate and ozone pollution of wheat productivity and grain quality. 

Research interests

I am interested in the development and use of process-based crop models and statistical methods for estimating the effect of environmental stress conditions (such as heat and drought) on crop growth, development and yield. During my PhD, I developed a new crop modelling methodology, SEMAC (Simultaneous Equation Modelling for Annual Crops), to provide with a robust crop model structure with improved internal consistency. SEMAC was implemented in the GLAM crop model (General Large Area Model for annual crops), which resulted in a new model version GLAM-Parti (GLAM-Partitioning). GLAM-Parti was further extended to account for the impact of ozone pollution on wheat, called GLAM-ROC (GLAM – Relative Ozone Concentration).

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  • MSc in Environment and Development, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
  • BEng / MEng in Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Crete, Greece

Professional memberships

  • Priestley International Centre for Climate