Dr Alberto Sanchez-Marroquin

Dr Alberto Sanchez-Marroquin


Originally from Alicante, Spain. In 2016, I graduated in Physics in the University of Valencia. In 2020 I finished my PhD at the School of Earth and Environment in the University of Leeds. My PhD thesis was entitled “Measuring and identifying ice-nucleating particles in the atmosphere”. During my PhD project, I studied ice-nucleating particles and aerosol composition on board of a research aircraft using droplet freezing assays and Scanning Electron Microscopy, with a focus in mid- to high-latitude aeroslos particles, particularly dust.

I am currently working within the M-phase project “Resolving climate sensitivity associated with shallow mixed phase cloud in the oceanic mid- to high-latitudes”. My role consists in defining new sources of ice-nucleating particles in our model. The modelling will be evaluated using measurements conducted during the M-phase campaign. The INP model will be used by the cloud modelling team to understand the impacts of ice-nucleating particles in climate. Additionally, we will study how the ice-nucleating particles may change in response to climate change.

Research interests

Ice-Nucleating Particles, Dust, High-Latitude Dust, Cloud Phase Feedback, Scanning-Electron Microscopy, Dust Modelling, Source Apportionment

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  • Degree in Physics, University of Valencia
  • PhD, School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds