Dr. J. Bernadette Moore

Dr. J. Bernadette Moore


Dr. J. Bernadette Moore is Associate Professor of Obesity and leads the 15 academics in the Nutritional Sciences & Epidemiology Research Group within the School of Food Science and Nutrition at the University of Leeds. To date, she has raised over 1.7 million pounds in research funding and been supported by the: BBSRC, EPSRC, Children’s Liver Disease Foundation, and the Universities of Surrey and Leeds.  She has published >30 peer-reviewed papers, was the recipient of the 2018 Nutrition Society Silver Medal for Research Excellence in a Young Investigator, and her recent work on the high sugar content of yogurts received significant international media interest, notably in the top 1% of >13 million Altmetric tracked publications.


  • Research Group Leader, Nutritional Sciences & Epidemiology

Research interests

Research in Dr. Moore’s group for the last ten years has been largely focused on the role of hepatic nutrient metabolism in healthy ageing, obesity and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). As recently reviewed in Dr. Moore’s Silver Medal Lecture, NAFLD is now the most common cause of liver disease affecting an estimated 25-30% of adults and 10% of children worldwide. There are currently no effective pharmaceutical therapies for NAFLD but nutrition is a key modifiable risk factor and weight loss underpins clinical management.

Applying a variety of genomic, proteomic, and systems biology tools alongside nutritional intervention studies, Dr. Moore's long-term vision is clinical and public health translation; ultimately addressing unmet needs for the discovery of diagnostic/prognostic biomarkers and the development of novel therapeutics. Her research employs a variety of genomic, proteomic, and systems biology tools alongside nutritional intervention studies. Current active strands include:

  1. utilizing quantitative proteomics to dissect the molecular etiology and pathogenesis of NAFLD; 
  2. developing multi-scale mathematical models capable of predicting hepatic nutrient metabolism in silico; and 
  3. clinical nutrition aspects related to dietary assessment and management of NAFLD in children and adults.

Dr. Moore welcomes discussions with highly motivated potential PhD students or postdoctoral fellows regarding research projects of mutual interest. She is very willing to mentor MSCFA, Wellcome, BBSRC Henry Dale, or other fellowship applications with an aim of fostering independent Fellows.

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  • BSc. Human Nutrition
  • BSc. Chemical Sciences
  • PhD. Nutritional Sciences
  • PGC. Academic Practice

Professional memberships

  • The Nutrition Society
  • Royal Society of Medicine
  • Biochemical Society

Research groups and institutes

  • Obesity, Cancer and Metabolic Disease
  • Human Nutrition and Lifestyle Intervention
  • Sustainable Food Systems

Current postgraduate researchers

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