Topographical surveying equipment

Topographical surveying equipment


The Leica Viva GS14 is a compact and powerful Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) smart antenna, with integrated mobile communications and ultra-high frequency (UHF) modem. The smart antenna is equipped with intuitive software which has clear graphics, practical menu structures, accessible terminology and simplified workflow.

The V-Line 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanner RIEGL VZ-1000 provides high speed, non-contact data acquisition for ranges from just a few metres up to 1400m using a narrow infrared laser beam and a fast scanning mechanism.

The RIEGL VZ-1000 is a very compact and lightweight surveying instrument. It has an internal storage capacity of up to 32 Gbyte, an optional add-on rechargeable battery and a water and dirt resistant keypad.


Applications are wide ranging, including topography, mining, architecture, archaeology, monitoring, civil engineering and city modelling.


Who can use the facility?

We are committed to sharing our facilities and associated expertise with external academic and industrial collaborators.


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