SRI Seminar: Nicola Willand - ‘Residential energy efficiency, health and equity in Australia’

Nicola Willand, RMIT University Title: ‘Residential energy efficiency, health and equity in Australia’

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Bio: Dr Nicola Willand is a lecturer at the School of Property, Construction and Project Management at RMIT University.

As an architect by background, Nicola Willand approaches sustainability in the built environment holistically.

She finds that initiatives towards a more sustainable built environment tend to focus on environmental and economic outcomes, while the social aspects are often neglected.

To facilitate triple bottom line sustainability, Nicola aims to develop strategies for the built environment that will minimise environmental impacts and life cycle costs while maximising productivity, health and social equity.

Nicola's PhD explored the intersection of climate change mitigation as an opportunity for health and housing as a social determinant of health, and contributed to a better understanding of residential energy efficiency and health as a socio‐technical system.

Dr Nicola Willand - RMIT University