At the roots of adoption, diffusion and marketing of climate innovation: preliminary findings and empirical insights

Priestley Centre Boardroom (11.07) CCVAS Seminar


Climate services are technology-intensive, science-based and tailored tools providing timely climate information to a wide set of users.  They accelerate innovation, while contributing to increasing climate resilience and boosting adaptation. Understanding how and why climate services are uptaken, spread and commercialised is now essential to build effective policy instruments and promote this peculiar form of innovation. Francesca's PhD research proposal aims at studying mechanisms of adoptiondiffusion and marketing of climate services in developing and developed economies. Francesca is embracing a systemic approach, where agents and their interactions shape the macro-level and societal structure as a complex system of parts. On the adoption side, Francesca is interested in detecting the drivers and motivations behind the choice of uptaking a given service. About diffusion, her dissertation provides insights on the role of networks in supporting the spread of climate innovation, highlighting where structural weaknesses are. Finally, Francesca's thesis analyses the business models of currently existing climate services using a quali-quantitative approach. 


Francesca is a second year PhD student in Climate Change Sciences and Management at Ca' Foscari University of Venice (Italy). She is also a Junior Researcher at the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change (CMCC) where she works in the Risk and Adaptation Strategies Division (RAAS). She is the co-founder of a company currently under the Copernicus Accelerator Program. She will visit the University of Leeds for three months working to develop and refine her PhD research.