Assessing health burdens from aflatoxin exposure in Tanzania food system

To bring together international experts to review progress and summary findings of the HEFCE GCRF aflatoxin project assessing health burdens of aflatoxin in Tanzania food system.

Aflatoxin exposure as a result of contamination of staple foods is common in sub-Africa, with recent studies showing exposure in Tanzania is often high. In 2016 there was a fatal outbreak of aflatoxin poisoning. Aflatoxin has been implicated in a number of adverse health outcomes including liver cancer, child growth impairment and immunosuppression. The HEFCE GCRF aflatoxin project is a pump priming project to set the research framework for the GCRF-AFRICAP project by reviewing existing data and exploring development of a model for risk analysis of aflatoxin that will be developed in AFRICAP.

Key research questions addressed within the HEFCE GCRF project are 1) What is the health burden attributed to aflatoxin exposure in children in Tanzania? 2) What is the role of climate change in aflatoxin risk in the future?

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