ICAS external seminar: Albert Klein Tank (Met Office)

The Met Office Hadley Centre (MOHC) provides climate science and services to help people and organisations stay safe, well and prosperous.

Since its foundation in 1990, MOHC research, focused around World Climate Research Programme priorities, is helping to answer some of the fundamental questions in climate science and pulls through the science to develop climate services and advice in support of government policy. Through our years of pioneering research, our scientists have been working alongside researchers from the UK and around the globe, with this partnership approach being crucial for success. 

This seminar will showcase some of the recent MOHC science highlights and also focus on the future looking at the changes in governmental and societal questions for climate science and services, the future role of climate modelling, the increasing need for partnerships, and the way we make the best use of new tools and technology, including AI and machine learning.