Webinar: Childhood Food Poverty in the UK

Join N8 AgriFood academics Drs Bernadette Moore and Charlotte Evans from the School of Food Science and Nutrition at the University of Leeds to explore how we can tackle childhood food poverty.

This webinar and panel discussion will consider how over the last ten years the number of children in the UK living with food poverty has increased alongside a rise in childhood obesity.

As part of the launch of N8 AgriFood's Food Systems Policy Hub, this online event will explore the current situation including social and economic pressures of COVID-19 and Brexit, which are posing additional challenges. More than eight million people in the UK are living in food poverty. Moreover, food poverty in households with children has at least doubled during the current pandemic. The crisis of health and social inequalities related to nutrition was underscored in the recent National Food Strategy review and recommendations were put forward to reduce food poverty.

The panel will examine current community efforts aimed at mitigating food poverty and deliberate priority areas for policy action at both local and national levels.


Keynote: Denise Bentley, Co-founder and Chief Executive, First Love Foundation - Insights from the National Food Strategy

Kim Roberts, Chief Executive, HENRY - The importance of a healthy start

Dr Megan Blake, University of Sheffield - Building resilience to food insecurity through food ladders

Professor Jonathan Rushton, University of Liverpool - Barriers to quality food access in Liverpool

Dr Maria Bryant, Hull York Medical School - The role of community food assets in a multicultural population

Professor Louise Dye, University of Leeds - Too hungry to learn? The role of school breakfast provision in academic performance


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