Meet the Researchers: Achieving Net-Zero

In this webinar series, meet some of the University of Leeds researchers who are driving progress towards achieving local, national and global net-zero emissions targets.

In September 2019, the University of Leeds announced plans for bold action on achieving net-zero: reducing its own carbon footprint to net-zero by 2030 and focusing teaching, research and engagement on this grand challenge.

This webinar series highlights how the University is meeting the research strand of this ambition and how research from across the University of Leeds is driving progress towards achieving local, national and global net-zero emissions targets.

Experts across campus are working together to develop solutions that meet the unprecedented scale and complexity of the challenges involved in achieving net-zero from bioenergy to renewables, governance systems to sustainable transport.

Join us and the Priestley International Centre for Climate to meet the researchers that are identifying the most promising solutions that can withstand a warmer climate and deliver multiple benefits for human quality of life and the planet.

All webinars will include a 30 minute Q&A session.

Capturing carbon through UK woodlands

Tuesday 9 March

With Dr Cat Scott and Professor Stuart Taberner

Tree planting and landscape restoration are widely recognised as being part of society’s response to mitigating climate change. However, creating and restoring forests is far from simple. Hear how researchers are exploring the ability of new and existing woodlands to help achieve net-zero emissions.

Driving down transport emissions

Tuesday 16 March

With Professor Greg Marsden and Professor Jillian Anable

Transport is responsible for over a quarter of global CO2 emissions and these emissions have been rising. This webinar will set out what needs to be done to ensure we go from zero progress to zero emissions in the next three decades.

Using carbon capture to clean up industry

Thursday 18 March

With Professor Chris Rayner and Dr Rachael Spraggs

Carbon Capture and Storage (CSS) is essential if we are to reach net-zero CO2 emissions and avoid catastrophic climate change. In this webinar, discover a fundamentally new approach for separating CO2 out of the emissions of large-scale point source emitters such as power stations and from industrial processes.

Community funding for the climate crisis

Tuesday 23 March

With Dr Mark Davis and Professor Iain Clacher

Local authorities are on the front line of a just transition to net-zero. With normal borrowing channels hit hard by regulatory changes and COVID-19, alternative sources of funding are needed now. In this talk, learn about the research and plans to help move money for people and planet.

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