Girls into Geoscience

This two day, online event will introduce girls from GCSE to A level to the Geosciences through a mixture of activities such as mini lectures, workshops and virtual fieldtrips.

This event brings together women from industry, government bodies, academia and High Schools in order to highlight and promote the role Geoscience has in our society and its potential to be an exciting and worthwhile subject and career to pursue for women.

The event has a mixture of activities taking place, ranging from a mini lecture, career talks from those who have gone into Geoscience careers as well as labs and workshops where participants are able to get hands on with Geoscience concepts.

Girls into Geoscience has grown from an initial concept at the University of Plymouth, with events now present in Ireland, Wales and Scotland. It is a fantastic, supportive network that the University of Leeds is now a part of.

Registration for this year’s event closes on 18th June, but you can book your place online now.

You can see this year’s programme below:

Monday 28 June
Virtual field trips

12:45 - Welcome and intro

13:00 - Field trip 1

Choose from:

- Ancient landscapes and life! How did the Yorkshire coast change 170 million years ago? (with Dr Amanda Owen, University of Glasgow) or

- 500 million year history of the Isle of Skye (with Dr Anna Bird, University of Hull)

14:30 - Field trip 2

Choose from:

- Hidden glaciers on Earth and Mars (with Dr Katie Miles and Adam Hepburn, Aberystwyth University) or

- Devil’s Tower – Wyoming, USA (with Dr Tracy Aze and Dr Jacqui Houghton)

15:45 - Break

16:00 - Fieldwork in the Geosciences Q&A

16:30 - Thanks and farewell

Tuesday 29 June
Talks and workshops

9:15  - Welcome and Intro 

9:30 - Finding a sustainable future in Geoscience (Dr Natasha Dowey, Sheffield Hallam University)

9:45 - Humble beginnings, hard work, building confidence, breaking barriers in geoscience and raising a family (Dr Marie Cowan, Geological Survey of Northern Ireland)

10:00 - Unexpected geo-adventures (Dr Rehemat Bhatia, Natural Environment Research Council)

10:15 - Roam if you want to: wanderlust and the life of a palaeontologist (Professor Anjali Goswami, Natural History Museum)

10:30 - Break 

10:40 - Careers in Geoscience - Speakers Q&A

11:15 - Break 

11:30 - Dealing with change, challenges and opportunities Q&A

12:00 - University life Q&A

12:30 - Lunch

13:00 - Workshop sessions 

13:00-13:50 - Workshop 1

Choose from:

- Volcanoes, landslides, tsunamis - why look at one? Let’s do them all! (with Dr Irene Manzella, University of Plymouth) or

- Peruvian glaciers and water resources (with Dr Caroline Clason and Dr Sally Rangecroft, University of Plymouth) or

- Forensic geoscience: Using geoscience to solve crimes! (with Elspeth Wallace, iCRAG)

14:00-14:50 - Workshop 2

Choose from:

- Microfossils as windows to past climate (with Dr Tracy Aze, University of Leeds) or

- Telling the time with sand grains (with Dr Rachel Smedley, University of Liverpool) or 

- Adventures on Mars (with Divya M Persaud, University College London and NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

15:00 Live thanks and farewell