How can we save biodiversity while feeding the world?

The Global Food and Environment Institute (GFEI) and the Sustainability Research Institute (SRI) invite you to join our February 2023 webinar.

During this talk, Dr David Williams, from the School of Earth and Environment, will highlight the findings of his research into biodiversity conservation and global food security.

Dr Williams is an increasingly confused conservation scientist interested in looking after the world’s incredible biodiversity in the face of global change. Somehow this has led him to spend a lot of time talking to farmers and looking at agricultural policy and food consumption, with a passing interest in emerging infectious diseases.

Human well-being is utterly dependent, in different ways, on both agriculture and biodiversity. However, the two are often in conflict, with agriculture driving the catastrophic loss of nature across the world. As human populations and per capita consumption increase, balancing food security with biodiversity conservation is increasingly challenging.

In this seminar David will explore some of the ways we can address this challenge, and what he sees as the key remaining research questions. He will bring together a number of different research projects here, from looking at the landscape-scale impacts of different production systems to analyses of the current and future impacts of food systems on biodiversity and the wider environment.

David refers to himself as a ‘jack-of-all-trades’, trying to work across conservation science, economics, land-use science and social science. So, there will be a lot to critique and criticise during this short seminar! He invites you to ‘come along and rip this stuff apart’.

The event will start with a welcome and introductions from the Chair, followed by a 20-minute webinar presented by Dr David Williams, and 10 minutes for Q&A.

Follow the link to book your place: