Fair Energy Futures Launch

Join the Fair Energy Futures Group for their launch event, a pioneering initiative dedicated to shaping a just and sustainable energy future through cutting-edge research and collaborative expertise.

The Fair Energy Futures group at the University of Leeds focuses on supporting an equitable and sustainable energy transition through robust evidence and expertise from various university disciplines.

Their research encompasses diverse themes like bioenergy, energy efficiency, hydrogen, just energy transitions, low-carbon future policies and smart energy systems.

The initiative is part of a broader research community dedicated to exploring sustainable energy solutions and addressing fuel poverty and global energy inequalities.

The Fair Energy Futures Group hope this initiative will help to discover and speed up the implementation of urgently needed solutions that provide clean, secure and affordable energy systems as we transition to Net Zero.

For more detailed information, visit the Fair Energy Futures website.

The launch event will act as a springboard for this vital work, bringing together these key stakeholders to produce a shared vision for a fair energy future.