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Dr Nick Barton will give a seminar on "Limited heights of vertical cliffs and mountain walls linked to fracturing in deep tunnels – An unconventional exploration of failure modes in rock masses".

Picture of Professor Alfio Quarteroni with the text reading: Leeds Institute for Fluid Dynamics annual lecture and - Professor Alfio Quarteroni

The LIFD Annual Lecture will feature Dr Thomas Ranner and Dr Malenka Bissell. The keynote talk will be delivered by Professor Alfio Quarteroni.

Revolving vane anemometer, a meteorological instrument used to measure the wind speed and solar cell system with field background.

SRI seminar - Jay Rutovitz (University of Technology Sydney)

Sky over the ocean

Massimo Vieno (Centre for Ecology & Hydrology)

Picture of irrigation

ICAS external seminar - Wim Thiery (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

ICAS external seminar - Amber Leeson (Lancaster University)

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