Dr Zihao An is a research fellow on the project and Professor Eva Heinen (Visiting Professor), is an external collaborator.

Shared micro-mobility options are entering European cities, although at different rates. While the first insights about usage patterns, sustainability outcomes and equity effects start to accumulate, there is an emerging need for cities to develop a strategic view on the deployment of these new mobility options: How can shared micro mobility (SMM) options best be combined with existing transport systems to increase accessibility for all and add to sustainable transportation solutions? In this context, COCOMO aims to provide insights into:

  1. How SMM are combined with existing travel modes within trips and longer term travel patterns and what implications this has for sustainability (VMT and greenhouse gas emissions);
  2. How SMM interact with existing forms of travel in public space and how this impacts on the attractiveness and accessibility of these modes;
  3. How travel implications of (see 1.), and access to SMM mobilities (see 2.) differ between geographical contexts and socio-economic groups, and what impacts this has on equity and inclusion.

Based on these insights, COCOMO engages in co-creation with users and stakeholders in order to develop design and planning guidelines for sustainable and inclusive implementation of shared micro mobilities.