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A cardboard sign with 'Planet over Profit' painted on it.

A new study explores whether reducing production and consumption growth could significantly contribute to resolving the climate crisis.

A landscape view of the Gran Sasso d'Italia mountain range. To the left, two people are hiking on a stony path.

A new paper makes the case for an updated Wilderness Quality Index (WQI) across Europe, including non-EU states, to ensure precious wild landscapes and ecosystems are protected.

The icy landscape of Greenland with a low sun. Someone stands on the snow, holding a stick high in the air as if to put it through the ice.

New research into climate change will focus on the lived experience of Indigenous communities in the Arctic.

A gloved hand holds a test tube containing a sample of blood. there is a label on the test tube which says Fe (Iron) test

Children and young people who are overweight or obese are at significantly higher risk of iron deficiency, according to a study by nutritional scientists at the University of Leeds.

Prof anwesha sarkar wins prestigious research prize in Food science and technology

The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) has awarded Professor Anwesha Sarkar a Research and Development Award for her contribution to food science.