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Dr Robin Lovelace

Dr Robin Lovelace, a data scientist and Lead Developer of the Propensity to Cycle Tool, has been appointed as Active Travel England’s Interim Director of Data and Analysis.

Rainforest in Panama

Global warming is likely to cause a decline in the number of species of microbes that live in tropical soils - and that could threaten the biodiversity of rainforests and increase carbon emissions.

Logo of European Geosciences Union

Professor Ken Carslaw is the co-executive editor and one of the founding committee of Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, which led the way in open access publishing and public peer review.

Susanna Ebmeier

Dr Susanna Ebmeier awarded 2022 AGU John Wahr Early Career Award

Picture of the earth in space. Adobe stock.

Researchers have developed a new method for assessing the impact of ozone-depleting chemicals released into the atmosphere.