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Scientists in a cornfield - - FSNet Fellows visit the environmental observatory on the university farm.

Fellows from six African countries this week joined colleagues at Leeds to strengthen networks and build research and leadership skills, helping to bring sustainable change in African food systems.

Robot arms autonomously maintaining protective netting in an agricultural nursery.

An international team of scientists, led by the University of Leeds, have assessed how robotics and autonomous systems might facilitate or impede the delivery of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

that Charisma Choudhury has been promoted to the position of

Recognition for innovative research into leveraging emerging data sources for travel behaviour modelling and transportation in developing countries

FAAM Airborne Laboratory aircraft in a hangar.

The UK’s flying laboratory will remain at the forefront of environmental research following a significant investment by the UK Government.

Autonomous transport

Professor Greg Marsden's new blog asks, 'What do we need to do to decarbonise transport?'