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Two plant-based burgers.

Researchers have developed a new colloidal technique to make plant-based juicier without adding fat.

The University of Leeds Parkinson Building

Atmospheric scientist Dr Jim McQuaid has woken up to a stark reminder of why his work is so important.

A wide view of ice sheets in Antarctica. Image credit: jcrane on Pixabay

With world attention on recent wildfires and floods in North America, Europe and China, people should not overlook the devastating impact of climate change in Antarctica, scientists have warned.

Mountain treelines

Mountain treelines, which mark the upper limit for tree growth in high-altitude areas, are shifting as a result of climate change, say researchers.

Underwater bubbles

A chemical process used in the browning of food to give it its distinct smell and taste is probably happening in the oceans, where it helped create the conditions necessary for life.