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A photograph of bleached coral reef on the sea bed in Indonesia, by Beger Lab.

Limiting global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels will still be catastrophic for coral reefs, new research suggests.

A photograph of an Airbus A380 arrives for cold weather testing at Iqaluit, Nanuvut, Canada.

Thawing of permafrost due to climate change could expose the Arctic population to much greater concentrations of the cancer-causing gas Radon, a new story has found.

A photograph of a forest canopy with clouds of rain.

A mobile phone app has been launched in Kenya to help people avoid the death and destruction caused by tropical storms.


An international team of scientists estimate that there are 14% more tree species than previously thought.

a photo of Professor Ian Brooks wrapped up in a wool hat with a head torch, scarf and warm jacket, against a dark sky.

Ian Brooks, Professor of Boundary Layer Processes at the University of Leeds, has been awarded the Polar Medal.