Muhammad Gilang Ramadhan

Muhammad Gilang Ramadhan


I have worked in agriculture and food-related research since I had a Bachelor's degree at Universitas Padjadjaran, Indonesia. I was a member of the Post-Harvest and Processing Technology Laboratory. My research was about the preservation of fresh vegetables.

I continued a Master's degree to deepen my knowledge about food emerging technology research at the Life Science Innovation Program, University of Tsukuba, Japan with Food Innovation as the specialization. I worked in the Food Resources Engineering Laboratory with efficient water removal from water-in-oil emulsions by high electric field demulsification as my research topic. During my study, I also interned at the National Food Resource Institute, Japan (NFRI) to study the use of high electric field and radiofrequency equipment on food products.

Research interests

The main research interest is in the development of colloid sciences. New trend in healthy lifestyles has driven resarch on the application of emulsion and encapsulation to the utilization of bioactive compound in food. As the world has immense biodiversity, discovering this research area would always be interesting.


  • B.Sc in Agricultural Engineering, Universitas Padjadjaran, Indonesia
  • Master of Food Innovation, Life Science Innovation, University of Tsukuba, Japan