Oliver Hills

Oliver Hills


I am a final year PhD student in Computational Chemistry within the School of Food Science & Nutrition at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom.

I have a working knowledge and practical experience in building atomistic models of (bio-)molecular systems and deploying these models in electronic structure and molecular dynamics calculations to extract energetic and structural/conformational information.

I have a successful record of accomplishments in academia, including student engagement/teaching responsibilities, presenting my research at scientific conferences and first-author publications.

I hold an MChem (1st class, Hons) in chemistry from Cardiff University in Wales. I am an associate member of the Royal Society of Chemistry (AMRSC) as well as a member of the Microbiology Society.

Research interests

My main research interest is in the area of computational chemistry, performing electronic structure and molecular dynamics calculations to make predictions on the structure and properties of bacterial biofilm extracellular matrix components. In particular, I am interested in the response of these structures to the physiological environment (e.g., pH, cationic atmosphere, physiological temperature and solvent) as well as guest molecules, such as cell-to-cell signalling molecules and pharmaceutical interventions. Such calculations will provide data suitable for informing on the refinement of existing treatment strategies for mucoid P. aeruginosa biofilm infections.






  • MChem (1st class, Hons)