Xiaoying Tian

Xiaoying Tian


I obtained my bachelor degree in Food Quality and Safety at Shandong Agricultural University (China) in 2017 and my master degree in Nutrition at the University of Leeds in 2019, then started my PhD at the University of Leeds in Jan 2020.

Research interests

At present, my project focuses mainly on the potential property of ergothioneine in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). The aim of my project is to test the therapeutic property of Erg in NAFLD. Ergothioneine (Erg) is an amino acid acting as an antioxidant and is recently proposed as an essential vitamin.  Erg can be uptook from the diet, especially mushrooms, for humans and is retained within the human body with limited excretion. Currently, this project includes an in vitro study (in human liver cells), a human study (the ErgMS study) and an in silicon study.

ErgMS study is a pilot randomised controlled interventional trial. We are interested in the group with risks of metabolic syndrome and will supplement them with a placebo or Erg. If you are interested, please check on our study website (https://ergothioneine.leeds.ac.uk/) or contact us (ErgMS@leeds.ac.uk).


  • BSc. Food Quality and Safety
  • MSc. Nutrition