Hani Farhana Nazir


My name is Hani Farhana Nazir from Malaysia. I am graduated from University of Malaya, Malaysia for my bachelor degree in the field of Biohealth Science. Then, I further my studied in Molecular Medicine at University of Sheffield, United Kingdom. After went back from UK, I worked as a Research Assistant (RA) in Biochemistry Unit at Institute for Medical Research, Malaysia. I gained a lot of experienced there especially in laboratory skills and managed to work with an experienced researcher from the institute. After a  few years, I got an opportunity to work in one of the private lab which mainly focus on genetic testing, etc. Currently, I am pursuing my PhD in Food Science and Nutrition (postgraduate researcher) at the University of Leeds. 

Research interests

My primary research interest is more towards plant-based protein and its sustainablity. Apart from its functionalities in many food products, I would also love to explore its bioactive compounds which potentially beneficial to human health. Currently, I am working with an underutilized plant originally from Mexico which potentially act as sustainable protein sources. 


  • BSc (Hons) in Biohealth Science
  • PG Dip in Molecular Medicine