Dr. Limei Yin

Dr. Limei Yin


I am Research Assistant in Food Safety at the School of Food Science & Nutrition, University of Leeds, UK. I completed my MMed in 2009 in Nutrition and Food Hygiene, and recently defended my PhD thesis in 2024 in Agricultural Engineering at the Jiangsu University, China. I have been engaged in industry-university-research work on the rapid detection of small molecule hazards. I have worked in Taizhou Institute of Protein Engineering, Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences; the incubation base of the State Key Laboratory of Environmental Simulation and Pollution Control, Tsinghua University; and high-tech enterprises in biology and environment in Beijing, and have rich experience in the research and development of rapid detection products for food safety. I led the preparation of the mycotoxin immunoaffinity chromatography purification high performance liquid chromatography detection method guide, established the mycotoxin reference substances and standard substances sample base, and promoted the company to pass the CNAS certification. I trained many Fortune 500 companies on mycotoxin rapid detection technology.

I joined Jiangsu University in 2015, and focused on the rapid detection of agricultural product safety, especially the rapid detection of grain mycotoxins, and the relevant research results were published in journals such as Food Chemistry. Additionally, I have also worked on other areas of research such as detection of pesticide residues and heavy metals in environmental water and soil, and evaluation of human health hazards of mycotoxins.

Research interests

Risk assessment of mycotoxins exposure

Development of rapid detection technology for mycotoxins

Toxicological evaluation of mycotoxins in animals and humans

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