We are committed to sharing our facilities and associated expertise with external academic and industrial collaborators. To discuss your requirements, please contact the staff listed on the pages below.

Facility title Overview
Environmental Room A walk in environmental room, which provides controlled temperature, lighting and humidity.
Equipment for field monitoring of environmental conditions We have a range of equipment for field monitoring of environmental conditions, especially the weather, river hydraulics, soil.
Haldrup F-55 Grass Harvester The Haldrup F-55 Grass Harvester with on-board NIR spectrophotometer is a NERC-funded purchase based at the University of Leeds, as part of the White Rose Sustainable Agriculture Consortium and is available for hire to scientists and industry.
Plant Growth Chambers We have a range of plant growth chambers.
Specialist equipment for topographic surveying We have specialist equipment for topographic surveying, including a Reigl VZ-1000 terrestrial laser scanner and a Leica Viva dGPS-TS system.