Dr Will James


I am a Research Fellow in Data Analytics for a variety of geographical applications. My primary research utilises existing and emerging data to produce high resolution estimates and projection of food consumption and expenditure. I also have research interests in the fields of glaciology and geomorphology.


Research interests


Predicting the Impacts of Intensification and Future Changes on UK Pig Industry Resilience

PIGSustain is a BBSRC funded research project. We use a systems approach in order to understand how sustainable intensification and predicted climate changes are expected to impact on the pig industry as a whole. We are producing models to predict the impacts of intensification on the health, disease and welfare of the animals: how consumption patterns and retail prices are likely to be affected, how these changes will impact farmers, and how these in turn will impact on the health and welfare of the animals.

My role in the PigSustain project is to produce consumer demand estimates for pork and other products which will inform the research being undertaken across the PigSustain network. Consumer preference will be modelled in response to changing prices, attitudes to the consumption of meat, environmental considerations and changing demographics. The project draws on large scale consumer surveys to inform trends and projection scenarios.

Demographic mapping for infectious disease burden

I have ongoing research collaborations with the WorldPop research group (University of Southampton). I previously led research mapping the distribution of births and pregnancies for the Zika virus epidemic.


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  • PhD Physical Geography
  • MSc GIS for Catchment Dynamics and Management
  • BSc Physical Geography

Research groups and institutes

  • River Basin Processes and Management
  • Institute for Spatial Data Science
  • water@leeds