Dr Gabriela Lopez-Gonzalez


I am interested in finding solutions for ecological issues. As water@leeds coordinator, I am interested in developing multidisciplinary partnerships involving academics and government agencies, NGOs and SME’s to find solutions for water-related issues.

My research interests include natural resources management, research network facilitation, climate change, tropical forests, research data management and data-driven decision making. 

I have experienced working as part of international networks on climate change and forest function. I also have experience in the development of software applications for research.

I have an MSc in Rural Development and Natural Resources from ECOSUR (Mexico) and a PhD in Plant Ecophysiology from the University of Sheffield (UK).


Previous Posts

  • January 2008 -  December 2016 Database analyst. ForestPlots.net manager. School of Geography. Leeds University
  • October 2005 - December 2007. Research Associate. School of Geography. Leeds University.
  • January 1995 - December 1997. Research Assistant. Gestion de Ecosistemas A.C. Mexico.

Qualifications & Education

  • PhD in Plant Sciences. The University of  Sheffield. 2000-2005. Effects of drought and elevated CO2 on the ecology and physiology of maize and runner bean intercropping systems.
  • MSc in Natural Resources and Rural Development. El Colegio de la Frontera Sur. Mexico 1998-2000. Photosynthetic characterization of four understory species of the Central Highlands of Chiapas.
  • BSc in Biology (Ecology). Universidad Autonoma de Puebla. Mexico. 1990-1995. Ecophysiology of two fruit species: Prunus persica and Prunus armeniaca


  • ForestPlots.net database. 2008. BIEN workshop. Santa Barbara California.
  • Development of a Functional Traits Database for the Tropics 2008.7th Meeting on Vegetation Databases. Oldenburg, Germany.
  • The RAINFOR database. 2006. CTFS Database Advisory Workshop. STRI, Panama.
  • The effects of drought on maize and runner bean intercropping. 2003. British Ecological Society Annual Meeting. Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.
  • Photosynthetic characterization of four mid and late successional understory tree species in the central highlands of Chiapas, Mexico .2003. 5th International Workshop on Field Techniques for Environmental Physiology. Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.