John Nightingale

John Nightingale


I have a strong interest and background regarding the environmental fate of emerging agricultural contaminants. Specifically my background includes the environmental fate of veterinary medicines, with a srtong link between research and the environmental risk assessment.

My supervisors during my PhD are Dr Laura Carter, Dr Paul Kay, Dr Chris Sinclair and Philip Rooney whom currently are employed within the University of Leeds or Fera Science. During my PhD I worked over at Fera Science Ltd in producing research to assess variability within routine laboratory assessments (manure degradation). During this time I conducted research in a range of environmental settings including, laboratory, semi-field, and fieldwork.

My current research interests are closely aligned with that of my background, although titled the fate and effects of human pharmaceuticals to plant and soil health. This field of research is within it’s infancy with plentiful knowledge gaps to be explored. Within this my interests are revolving around the risks associated with sludge applications and the reuse of wastewater effluent for irrigation pruposes. This contains a range of research topics including, modelling, uptake into plants, leaching assessments, effects to soil health (respiration), and the effects of these chemicals to bee functioning and health. 


  • Research in the fate and effects of pharmaceuticals to plant and soil health

Research interests

My research interests include, environmental fate, plant uptake, and effects:

  • Pharmaceuticals in the soil-plant continuum 
  • Risks arising from sludge applications and wastewater irrigation 
  • The Environmental risk assessment for human pharmaceuticals
  • Modelling the fate of pharmaceuticals in the environment
  • Effect to bee foragers
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  • PhD Geography (University of Leeds)
  • BSc Environmental Science (Keele University)