Wentao Yang

Wentao Yang


Academic visitor from Nov. 2022 to Nov 2023, School of Geography, University of Leeds

Staff since 2015, School of Soil and Water Conservation, Beijing Forestry University

Visiting scholar from Nov. 2013 to Nov. 2014, ITC, University of Twente.

Ph.D. in Natural Disasters, 2010-2015, Beijing Normal University.

BS in Geographic Sciences, 2006-2010, Lanzhou University.

Research interests

I have been working on mass-wasting processes. I use optical images to extract landslides that were triggered by earthquakes or precipitation.  I am also interested in detecting landslide precursors by using various techniques including InSAR and sub-pixel offset tracking methods with optical remote sensing. All these works will lead to a holistic understanding of the spatial/temporal pattern of landslide activities in mountain environments.

Selected Publications:

[1] Yuting Yang, Meng Liu, Duncan Quincey, Liam Taylor, Wentao Yang*, Peijun Shi. 2023. Cyclic landslide-flood chains along a major mountain river. Geomorphology. In press
[2] Hui Yang, Peijun Shi, Duncan Quincey, Wenwen Qi, Wentao Yang*. 2023. A Heterogeneous Sampling Strategy to Model Earthquake-Triggered Landslides. Int J Disaster Risk Sci. https://doi.org/10.1007/s13753-023-00489-8
[3] Dingwen Zhang, Wentao Yang*, Chong Xu, Tao Ye, Qiwei Liu. 2022. Extracting deforming landslides from time-series Sentinel-2 imagery, Landslides, 19, 2761-2774.
[4] Wentao Yang*, Jian Fang, Jing Liu-Zeng. 2021. Landslide-lake outburst floods accelerate downstream hillslope slippage, Earth Surface Dynamics, 9, 1251–1262.
[5] Wentao Yang, Lianyou Liu*, Peijun Shi*. 2020. Detecting precursors of an imminent landslide along the Jinsha River. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 20: 3215-3224.
[6] Wentao Yang. 2020. Selecting the best image pairs to measure slope deformation, Sensors, 20(17): 4721
[7] Wentao Yang*, Yujie Wang, Yunqi Wang, Chao Ma, Yuhong Ma. 2020. Retrospective deformation of the Baige landslide using optical remote sensing images, Landslides, 17: 659-668
[8] Wentao Yang*, Yunqi Wang*, Shao Sun, Yujie Wang, Chao Ma. 2019. Using Sentinel-2 time series to detect slope movement before the Jinsha River landslide, Landslides, 16: 1313-1324
[9] Wentao Yang, Wenwen Qi,  Jinxing Zhou*. 2018. Effects of precipitation and topography on vegetation recovery at landslide sites after the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, Land Degradation & Development, 29: 3355-3365.
[10] Wentao Yang*, Wenwen Qi, Jinxing Zhou*. 2018. Decreased post-seismic landslides linked to vegetation recovery after the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, Ecological Indicators, 89: 438-444.
[11] Wentao Yang*, Wenwen Qi, Ming Wang, Jianjun Zhang, Yan Zhang. 2017. Spatial and temporal analyses of post-seismic landslide changes near the epicentre of the Wenchuan earthquake, Geomorphology, 276: 8~15.
[12] Wentao Yang, Wenwen Qi. 2017. Spatial-Temporal Dynamic Monitoring of Vegetation Recovery After the Wenchuan Earthquake, IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, 10: 868~876.

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  • PhD in Natural Disaster
  • BS in Geography

Student education

Teach Physical Geography, Natural Hazard and Risk Analysis; Cartography, et al.

Supervise MSc students