Oli Mansell


As Centre Manager of the Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC), and under the overall leadership of the Centre’s Co-Directors, I’m responsible for implementation of the Centre’s strategic and operational plans, and coordination of its day-to-day activities. This includes delivering the Centre’s data service, oversight of the Centre’s communications and training activities, and ensuring that business and academic stakeholder needs are met.

About the CDRC

The ESRC Consumer Data Research Centre was established in 2014 to lead academic engagement between industry and the social sciences and utilise consumer data for academic research purposes. We provide unique insight into a diverse range of societal and economic challenges in collaboration with a wide range of consumer data providers:


Using consumer data to provide unique insight into a diverse range of societal and economic challenges.


Working with more than 30 data owners to make consumer data available to trusted researchers.

Education and Training

Offering a range of data analytics programmes and events for academic and non-academic researchers.

Industry Collaborations

Working with industry partners to better understand consumer behaviour, provide context to problems and improve strategic decision making.

Public Sector Collaborations
Working with public sector partners to provide data expertise to provide context to problems and contribute to the wider understanding of societal issues.

Find out more at cdrc.ac.uk