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Rishi Sunak on a podium at the Global Food Security Summit 2023.

New and novel techniques in satellite analysis will be used by scientists at the University of Leeds to help farmers in Kenya respond to global warming and environmental degradation.

Limestone crag on Snaizeholme Fell.

Pioneering research will for the first time monitor how the creation of England’s biggest new native woodland could help stave off the worst effects of climate change, such as flooding.

A woman in a wheelchair sat at a train station platform. There is a train passing in the distance.

Professor Lucie Middlemiss and Dr Diana Ivanova investigate how energy and environmental policies can put people with disabilities at a disadvantage.


Scientists have trained an artificial intelligence or AI system to accurately map in one-hundredth of a second the surface area and outline of giant icebergs captured on satellite images.

Forest Fires

New research shows that lightning is the biggest threat to boreal forests and that its frequency will increase with climate change.