Our Scientists at AGU Fall Meeting

The School of Earth and Environment will be strongly represented at the 2017 AGU Fall Meeting that’s in New Orleans this year (11th – 15th December).

The Institute of Geophysics (IGT), Institute for Climate and Atmospherics Science (ICAS), Earth Surface Science Institute (ESSI) and the Institute for Applied Geosciences (IAG) will all have members delivering presentations, running scientific sessions and showing posters of their research findings.

There will be 40 members of SEE presenting their science during the meeting. Four academics have been invited to give talks; Ken Carslaw (ICAS) plus Laura GregoryIvan Savovand Phil Livermore from IGT.

Anna HoggAndy Shepherd and Ken Carslaw will all be convening sessions with Ken and Anna both chairing sessions. Andy Shepherd is convening two sessions on the Friday on “Altimetry of the Polar Regions”. Anna is also convening two sessions on “Advances in Land Ice-Ocean Interactions: Mechanisms, Impacts, and Synthesis” and is giving a talk on “Ice shelf thickness change from 2010 to 2017”. Ken’s invited talk is on “Global simulation of ice-nucleating particles and implications for cloud radiative effects”. His convened session is entitled “Reducing Uncertainty in Aerosol Effects on Climate I”.

Other highlights include Chris Davies (IGT) giving two talks on “Iron snow in the Martian Core?” and “Geomagnetic spikes on the core-mantle boundary”. While ICAS’s Alexander Roberts is giving a talk on “Can explicit convection improve modeled dust in summertime West Africa?”.

You can download a full list of all the talks, posters and sessions being presented by our researchers and you can keep up to date with all our members showcasing their research in New Orleans by following us on Twitter (@IGTLeeds, @ICASLeeds, @ ESSILeeds & @IAGLeeds)