Cohen Geochemistry group presentations at Goldschmidt 2017, Paris

The Cohen geochemistry group are presenting at Goldschmidt 2017 in Paris, details of talks and posters can found below.


Particulate Geochemistry and Algal Growth as Factors Driving Melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet
McCutcheon J, Lutz S, McQuaid JB, 2016 TBABFT & Benning LG

Reconstructing Variations in Atmospheric O2 during the Paleozoic and Mesozoic 
Mills B, Krause A, Finnie C, Belcher C, Lenton T, Newton R & Shields G

Invited: Molecular Controls on the Concentration, Speciation and Isotopic Composition of Trace Elements in Marine Sediments 
Peacock C

Invited: Biogeochemical Controls on the Bioavailability of Ni in Seawater 
Peacock C, Atkins A, Mayanna S & Shaw S


Nitrogen Speciation during Weathering in Simulated Subglacial Environments 
Dixon T, Bottrell S, Newton R & Hodson A

The Evolution of Shallow Bioturbation: An Empirical Study of the Implications for Enhanced Phosphorus Burial in Marine Sediments 
Doyle K, Poulton S, Newton R, Podkovyrov V & Bekker A

Understanding Diagenetic Processes and Overprint in Quaternary Arctic Ocean Sediments 
März C, Meinhardt A-K, Tessin A, Schnetger B & Brumsack H-J

Biogeochemical Cycling on the Yermak Plateau during the Last Two Glacial Cycles 
Tessin A, Maerz C, Brumsack H-J, Forwick M, Löwemark L, Matthiessen J, O'Regan M & Schnetger