Doug Parker wins Vaisala Award

Doug Parker wins Vaisala Award for Weather Observing and Instrumentation for 2014.

"The Professor Vilho Väisälä Award was established in 1985. It is administered by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and awarded to stimulate interest in meteorological research that involves meteorological observation methods and instruments. The Award recognizes outstanding research papers and it comprises cash, a medal and a diploma.  

The first Professor Vilho Väisälä Award presentation ceremony took place in 1986 at the Vaisala headquarters in Vantaa. The presentation of the very first award coincided with the 50th anniversary of the founding of Vaisala Oy. Since 1986, the call for papers eligible for the Professor Vilho Väisälä Award has been made annually to the permanent representatives of the WMO in each country.  

In 2004, the WMO Executive Council decided to establish a second Professor Vilho Väisälä Award. The main focus of this new award is meteorological instrument work in developing countries and countries with economies in transition. At the same time, the WMO Executive Council adopted new guidelines for granting the Professor Vilho Väisälä Awards. Both awards are granted biannually in connection with the WMO TECO/METEOREX conference and carry a cash prize of US$ 10,000."

The 2014 Awards and Prizes will be presented following the Royal Meteorological Society’s Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 20 May 2015.