Lab opening offers new opportunities for Turkish University

IGT member, Dr. David Banks has been involved with the opening of new laboratories for Fluid Inclusion and X-ray Diffraction (XRD) research at Pamukkale University, Turkey.

The Laboratory was officially opened by Pamukkale University Rector Dr. Huseyin Bagci. The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Dr. Selcuk Toprak, Secretary General Prof. Kenan Corum, and Head of Department of Geological Engineering Professor Hulusi Khargi were also present. Dr. Banks gave a presentation as part of the opening ceremony and following this he was presented with a certificate of thanks for his assistance with opening the laboratory.

David Banks told us ‘The Department of Geological Engineering in Pamukkale University, Denizli, has traditionally been very strong in engineering disciplines. The opening of the XRD and fluid Inclusion laboratories is the result of appointments of 2 new staff whose research is related to Ore Deposit and Mineralogy research and opens a new area where the Department wishes to make an impact.’

He went on to explain the importance of the new facility ‘Turkey is the most active regions in Europe/Near East with many large gold deposits in production and a very high level of exploration. The country is endowed with many other natural resources in addition. The laboratories will enable International research to be carried out related to the origin of many of the different types of ore deposits at a level above what has been achieved recently in the country. Researchers in Turkey and in Leeds have a strong history of collaborative projects which will be enhanced through the opening of the new facilities.

The importance the University places on the new laboratories was evident by the attendance of the University Rector and Vice-Rector, 2 Faculty Deans and the Head of the Department plus members of the faculty at the opening ceremony.’