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A cardboard sign with 'Planet over Profit' painted on it.

A new study explores whether reducing production and consumption growth could significantly contribute to resolving the climate crisis.

The icy landscape of Greenland with a low sun. Someone stands on the snow, holding a stick high in the air as if to put it through the ice.

New research into climate change will focus on the lived experience of Indigenous communities in the Arctic.

Blue background. Right: colourful illustration of food in a small compost bin. There's a worm in the centre. Text reads: Food Waste Action Week, 18th-24th March.

One-third of all food across the world is wasted. Food waste contributes to climate change, greenhouse gas emissions and the misuse of land, energy and water.

A large group of researchers including delegates from southern and eastern Africa, standing together in the Global Food and Environment Institute at Leeds.

Partners from across Africa gathered in Leeds for a week of research dedicated to tackling challenges in food systems and supply chains.

geography professor louise waite advises the house of lords on the modern slavery act

LSSI Director and Human Geography Professor Louise Waite has given evidence to the House of Lords Modern Slavery Act 2015 Committee, outlining the conflation of modern slavery and immigration.