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Global climate policy must push energy demand in buildings towards zero – and money-based incentives could successfully influence energy-saving behaviour, according to a new study.

A photograph of a town centre in West Yorkshire.

A West Yorkshire city’s ambitious plans to tackle the effects of climate change are being supported by three University of Leeds students.

A flying ant clutching on to a blade of grass.

Researchers are asking everybody across the UK to help survey one of the most amazing phenomena in the insect world – when millions of ants take to the air for their nuptial flight.

Two children stood in a field wearing green masks across their faces.

For the first time, machine learning algorithms have been deployed to scan evidence on climate change and health across the world.

A image of a cityscape at night with a transmission tower/pylon on the righthand side.

Fundamental changes in our economies are required to secure decent living standards for all in the struggle against climate breakdown, according to new research.