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Dr Timothy Craig – Royal Society University Research Fellow in the School of Earth and Environment – has been recognised for his outstanding contributions to the field of geodynamics.

Repeated Infrared image of woman waring face mask breathing

The Sorby Lab has received recognition for their work during the early part of the pandemic to support a Royal Academy of Engineering project – Project CARE.   

A woman in a wheelchair sat at a train station platform. There is a train passing in the distance.

A new study reveals that disabled households in the European Union currently consume 10% less energy than other households, as well as being 5% more likely to experience energy poverty.

Infrared image of person breathing

Seven research teams from the School of Earth and Environment have been awarded funding for new policy engagement projects.

A photograph of trilobite fossils.

Scientists discover two intense periods of volcanism triggered a period of global cooling and falling oxygen levels in the oceans, causing one of the most severe mass extinctions in Earth history.