Dr Sally Russell

I’m Sally Russell, the Environment and Business BA / MEnv, BA programme manager. My role as programme manager is to be in charge of developing the programme’s curriculum and updating it with the latest academic and practical knowledge. I make sure that your different modules interact and provide you with the skills for your final BA research, and for your future professional life. I’m also your first point of contact for questions about your compulsory and elective modules.

The programme provides you with the knowledge and skills necessary to be a successful business leader and to achieve positive change that addresses social and environmental issues.

During your studies you’ll learn about topics such as sustainable development, sustainable consumption, strategic management, marketing, and accounting. You’ll also learn about tools and initiatives (such as life cycle assessment, ecoefficiency, organisational change, environmental management systems, and sustainability reporting) to help business and organisations in their journey to making societies more sustainable. The different modules, topics, tools, and initiatives are framed by life cycle thinking, systems thinking, and long-term thinking.

I look forward to meeting you in person soon.