Students at the coast on a field trip

 Our field classes are intensive but very rewarding. You’ll gain valuable hands-on experience to complement the theory you will learn, generating and analysing data to develop and test hypotheses from your own observations.

Fieldwork is an excellent way to develop the individual research skills which are vital for your final year research project. You will also develop personal skills such as communication and team-working, qualities that make employers notice you.

Depending on your degree you’ll visit a variety of field course locations across the world - from areas in the British Isles, such as the Lake District, Scotland, South Devon, Wales and Yorkshire, to destinations further afield including the Alps, Amsterdam, Cyprus, Greece, Lanzarote and Tanzania.

Pembrokeshire, South-West Wales

Earth and Environment, SEE, students researching in woodlands

Earth and Environment students on Pembrokeshire beach

Earth and Environment students setting up research equipment on Pembrokeshire field trip

Earth and Environment, SEE, field trip students researching on beach

Lanzarote, Geophysics BSc

This compulsory geophysics fieldtrip to the island of Lanzarote provides focuses on student teamwork and independent problem solving, by using state-of-the-art geophysical equipment as it is used in industry.

Shown are examples of gravity measurements to find lava tunnels, GPS measurements and seismic surveying.

SEE students group photo in Lanzarote

Members of the first post-pandemic international fieldtrip of Leeds University, January 2022

SEE students conducting research in Lanzarote

“Contractors Day” surveying in the desert

SEE students conducting research in Lanzarote

Fieldwork needs creative solutions: a make shift wind shelter

SEE students conducting research in Lanzarote

Finding lava tunnels at the coast