Dr Juliane Schwendike

I’m Juliane Schwendike, the programme leader for the Meteorology and Climate Science BSc / MEnv, BSc programme. My role as programme leader is varied. I’m responsible for the design and development of the course to ensure that it offers a coherent set of modules and a large part of this involves actively seeking feedback from you as students on the course. I’ll meet with you at the beginning and end of the year to talk to you about this. Another part of my role is to provide guidance to you about the programme and the modules you want to take, as well as any other programme related queries you may have.

The first year of your course will provide you with the fundamental scientific methodology in mathematics, physics and chemistry in order to understand the complex behaviour of the Earth’s atmosphere and the climate system. You also acquire knowledge and skills in all the main branches of atmospheric science, including atmospheric physics, meteorology, atmospheric chemistry and climatology through more specialist modules in later years. The majority of these modules are delivered by the School of Earth and Environment, but we also draw on expertise from elsewhere across campus.

Your course includes practical work e.g. computer modelling techniques and laboratory work, and there is plenty of fieldwork including day trips to local sites around Yorkshire, and residential fieldtrips to the Lake District and the Isle of Arran.

I look forward to meeting you in person soon.