ICAS External Seminar

Presented by Mathew Heal, University of Edinburgh

Some insights from air quality modelling

Host: Steve Arnold

Abstract: Despite historic reductions in emissions of primary pollutants, exposure to poor air quality and its mitigation remains a considerable challenge in the UK. Air quality modelling is an essential tool for investigating the processes that drive poor air quality and for extrapolating beyond what direct measurements can tell us. In this talk I will describe some applications of the EMEP4UK atmospheric chemistry transport model for quantifying aspects of exposure to particulate matter and to nitrogen dioxide.  

Bio: Following a DPhil in gas-phase kinetics from Oxford, and a brief stint of postdoctoral research with Mike Pilling at Leeds, Mathew was appointed as lecturer in environmental chemistry at Edinburgh University in 1994, where he has remained ever since. His research interests span the combination of measurements and modelling to investigate surface-atmosphere fluxes and air pollution, and the impacts of these on the terrestrial environment and on human health. He is a longstanding member of Defra’s Air Quality Expert Group.

The seminar will be followed by cake and coffee in the School foyer