ICAS External Seminar

Presented by Professor Mark Brandon, Open University

Seminar room 2, 8.11, Garstang Building, School of Geography

Abstract: The Paris Agreement has a goal of holding global warming well below 2°C, but obviously there are going to be larger regional changes. A recent discussion meeting at the Grantham Institute Imperial College addressed the question of what would happen to the Antarctic Peninsula if the commitment were met. In this presentation the likely effects on the regional atmospheric and oceanographic climate, the terrestrial ice and the biological systems of land and sea will be presented and discussed.                          

Bio: Mark Brandon is a polar oceanographer based at the Open University in the UK. He has spent his career field in polar science based on almost three years field work as a researcher in Antarctica for the British Antarctic Survey, and as part of the US Antarctic Program publishing ~40 journal articles and 3 books. He has pioneered the use of robots to study beneath the Antarctic sea ice and is committed to teaching and communicating science as widely as possible. Mark has worked extensively with broadcast companies and he was the Principle Academic Advisor for the BBC Frozen Planet series and was a member of the Blue Planet II academic team, and is working on Frozen Planet II. In 2012 he was awarded the Times Higher Education Most Innovative Teacher of the Year Award.

Host: Anna Hogg

The seminar will be followed by cake and coffee in the School foyer.