SRI External Seminar

Todd LeVasseur, College of Charleston, USA

Garstang seminar room 2 (8.11), level 8, School of Geography

Bodily and Planetary Transformations: Living through System Shifts, from the view of Religion

Abstract: Dr. Todd LeVasseur’s talk utilizes material feminist and religion and nature theories to investigate the lived, bodily responses of human animals living in climate changed ecosystems.  Case study analyses of the bodily practice of Hinduism in the Himalayas, Islam in Mecca, and earth-based spiritualities in environmental/sustainability circles help explore the questions of how are humans using religion to respond to climate changes?; and how are climate changes impacting the practice of religion and what will the impacts of such changes be on large numbers of humans around the planet?  Lastly, how might theorizing about bodies-in-places help dismantle the reified and mythical Abstract Subject of the Capitolocene/Carboncene/Anthropocene, and let us instead bring critical material humanities lenses to our research and teaching?

Bio: Todd is currently a Visiting Professor of Religious Studies and Environmental and Sustainability Studies at the College of Charleston, where he also directs the Sustainability Literacy Institute. For further information and a list of publications: