SEE Alumnus delivers keynote speech

SEE Alumnus Toby Pickard (BA Environmental Management 2004) delivers one of the keynote speeches at a recent Working on Waste campaign event at University of Leeds.

On Thursday 30th October the University of Leeds, with IGD and M&S, co-hosted "Feeding the Future: How you can make a difference", an event to raise awareness of food sustainability. Keynote speakers from each of the host organisations came together to speak to over 100 delegates from companies and organisations from across the North of England about the impact of food waste and future solutions including packaging innovation, consumer perceptions (such as attitudes and habits) and the role of science in reducing food waste. SEE alumnus Toby Pickard (BA Environmental Management, 2004) from IGD delivered one of the keynote addresses. Feedback from the event was extremely positive "I found all three speakers really engaging and picked up a few tips that I can try to encourage change in behaviours".

Toby Pickard is a Senior Sustainability Analyst at IGD. He is IGD's specialist in sustainability developments and strategies of grocery retailers and manufacturers. Toby also manages IGD's online sustainability information service. This resource provides information to help food and grocery companies understand and meet the challenges posed by the ever changing and evolving sustainability agenda. Toby is involved in managing IGS's Industry Sustainability Group (a group of 30 sustainability professionals from major food retailers, food services and manufacturing companies). He oversees delivery of IGD sustainability themed conferences and in researching and delivering bespoke customer projects. Finally, Toby is also responsible for developing and delivering a number of IGDs internal Corporate Responsibility initiatives.

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