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An image of peatland

New study indicates that despite efforts to reduce global carbon emissions, by 2040 the climates of Northern Europe will be unable to sustain peat permafrost.

Sky over the ocean

A team of international scientists led by the University of Leeds reveal a key finding in the recipe of complex life on planets.

A forest with areas of deforestation

Researchers using multiple high-resolution satellite observations have found that carbon loss has more than doubled since 2001 due to forest clearance across the tropics.

Civilians in lifeboat due to flooding

Despite efforts to reduce the risks, changes in the Earth’s climate caused by human activity are affecting the lives of billions of people, according to a major international report published today.

To researcher stood next to a pig in a field at a pig farm.

More than a dozen universities are getting together to agree on joint agricultural research priorities, working with farmers and others who have a stake in the industry’s future.