Meghan Jenkinson

Meghan Jenkinson


I joined the University of Leeds in 2022 as a Postgraduate Researcher looking at regional patterns of benthic extinction and recovery during the Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event. Before this I worked as an independent palaeontologist researching Lower Jurassic marine reptiles, particularly Toarcian crocodylomorphs.

I graduated from the University of Manchester in 2019 with a Masters of Earth Science with honours (MEarthSci (Hons)). During this time I researched Lower Jurassic marine reptiles in the collection of the Yorkshire Museum and Gardens, and endemic evolution of Aptian ammonites in Morocco.

I am the Equity Diveristy and Inclusion coordinator for the Geological Curators’ Group, a specialist group affiliated with the Geological Society of London, and am a palaeontological consultant with the Manchester Museum working on a project to re-mount and displaya skeleton of the dinosaur Tenontosaurus tilletti.

Research interests

I am interested in large scale patterns of macroevolution and biogeography, particularly during the Lower Jurassic, and the way global geological processes influenced the extinction and evolution of marine organisms during the Mesozoic. I am also an advocate for the preparation, care, and conservation of geological (including palaeontological) collections.


  • MEarthSci (1st Class. The University of Manchester)

Research groups and institutes

  • Earth Surface Science Institute