Charlie Thompson

Charlie Thompson


I have:

  • Undergraduate BSc in Geology at University College of Swansea.
  • 25 years geological experience in the energy industry from 1988.  
  • 10 years experience in IT systems administration between 1996 – 2006. 
  • MSc Sustainability in Energy Provision and Demand Management
  • International experience working in Colombia, Denmark, Gabon, Germany, The Netherlands, Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Norway, Oman, Poland, Russia, UK North Sea.  

My experience includes:

  • carbonate reservoirs 

  • turbidites (with pressure compartmentalisation) 

  • channel deposits 

  • salt diapers 

  • faulted reservoirs 

  • repeat sequences 

  • volcanics 

  • geological sampling on a tri-plate boundary research project (mantle rocks) in Germany 

  • deep geothermal reservoirs (during MSc dissertation) 

I have experience through all stages of large project implementations, including pre-project planning (proposals, tendering and design), project operational phase, post-project reporting and deliverables, presentation of results and operational status to partners and management. 

My software experience includes: Microsoft Office / 365, Microsoft Teams, MS Sharepoint, Zoom, Moodle, SAP, MS-Word, Winlog, Gravitas, Petrel, Geolog, SeisEarth, WellCAD, XAIT Porter, FTP, VPN, UNIX (Sun / HP-UX / IBM AIX) system admin, Oracle database admin, IBM MF, Informix and Sybase databases. 

My management experience includes:

  • Management of a sub-surface geological team and a software development team in the IT field. 
  • Supervision and mentoring of geological trainees and graduates. 

Other relevant skills include interpretation of acquired data during drilling operations, pore / fracture pressure interpretation, geomechanics, seismic interpretation, and geothermal evaluation.

Relevant Courses

Stag Geological Services  

Wellsite and Operations Geology 


Stag Geological Services 

Basic Wireline Log Interpretation 


Halliburton / Landmark 

Stag Geological Services 

Stag Geological Services 

Gaia / Stag Geological Services 

IWCF (International Well Control Forum) 

Openwells Reporting System 

Wireline Log Interpretation 

Formation Pressure Evaluation 

Introduction to Cased Hole Logging & Basic Petrophysics 

Level 1 Programme (online course) 








Sun Camberley UK 

Sun System Administrators (UNIX O.S.) 


IBM London 

IBM Mainframe zOS 


Research interests

I co-authored SPE-189055-MS “Gas Identification in Thin Beds using LWD Measurements-West Africa Offshore Example”

My Masters dissertation covered the possibility of an Enhanced Geothermal Power / Heat plant in Cumbria based on a case study of the United Downs project in Cornwall and received a distinction. During my MSc I did a case study module and my final dissertation with reference to the emergence of deep Enhanced Geothermal Systems for energy generation (specialising in granites).

The research for this also included many research papers on geothermal principles and particularly deep geothermal prospects, some of which were carbonate reservoirs.

Research packages proposed

  1. Identify and collect suitable field samples for laboratory analyses

  1. Analyse collected samples with a pre-determined suite of measurements for petrophysical properties and microstructural studies 

  1. Conduct a review of data available in the public domain on the impacts of fractures to fluid flow in carbonates

  1. Incorporate data into software to allow for modelling the impact of faults to fluid flow in carbonates

  1. Assess any conclusions for impact to a range of applications within the petroleum, geothermal and CO2 storage sectors


  • BSc (Second Class Honours) in Geology (Division 2): 1988
  • MSc Sustainability in Energy Provision and Demand Management (Distinction) : 2021