Mohammed Abdullahi

Research interests

I am current PhD student part of the DeepRift project funded by the Research Council of Norway.

My project focuses on footwall derived and axial turbidite fan systems within the Late Quaternary Corinth Rift: with the aim of understanding the location, geometry and sedimentology of syn-rift deep-water depositional systems from structural and source-to-sink perspectives.

The study builds on the 2018 IODP (381) expedition, by resolving the geomorphology and evolution of these deep-water depositional systems within a framework of both well constrained climate/sea-level cycles and deformation rates, fault activity, sediment sources areas and sediment flux. The project utilises recently acquired seismic and high-resolution bathymetry data (2020) and will be interpreted using a combination of Schlumberger’s Petrel and ArcGIS softwares.



  • MEarthSci, Earth Sciences

Research groups and institutes

  • Institute of Applied Geoscience
  • Sedimentology