Professor David Hodgson

Professor David Hodgson


I completed my PhD at UCL in 2001, which focussed on sedimentation patterns during late Miocene tectonic deformation of the Tabernas-Sorbas Basin, SE Spain. Subsequently, I spent 10 years at the University of Liverpool. I joined the School of Earth & Environment in 2012.


  • Deputy Director of Research (Impact)

Research interests

My research focus is the stratigraphic record of sedimentary basins. A principal research area is the characterization of sedimentary processes and depositional architecture of submarine channel-levee and lobe systems. A second research focus lies in understanding the flux of sediment from continents to oceans across a range of basin margin types, (palaeo-)latitudes, and timescales.

Members of my research group, the Stratigraphy Group, are investigating the stratigraphic and sedimentological record of a wide range of depositional environments using outcrop and subsurface datasets, and modern systems.

My roles include:

Editor-in-Chief of the open access journal Frontiers in Earth Science: Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, Diagenesis

Deputy Director of NERC-funded Yorkshire iCASP - follow @YorkshireiCASP 

Director of the Sorby Environmental Fluid Dynamics Laboratory - follow @SEE_Fluids_UK 

New Open Access Publication on basin-floor sandbody pinchouts by Hansen et al. - download here

New Open Access Publication on lobes above subtle seabed topography by Brooks et al. - download here

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Student education

Current PhD research students:

  • Thais Cabral Almeida Empinotti (TU Delft): Numerical modelling of stepped slope profiles. Petrobras
  • Franzikska Palm: Geomorphology of active submarine channels. LARS
  • Aurélia Privat: Submarine lobes in post-rift settings: facies, geometry, and stacking patterns from the Los Molles Fm., Neuquen Bain, Argentina. LOBE2
  • Bonita Barrett*: Stratigraphic architecture of shallow-marine systems in syn-rift to post-rift settings. SMRG-funded, 2015-2019
  • Daniel Bell: Prediction of reservoir properties from processes and architecture in deep-water clastic systems. Uni. Of Manchester, 2016-2019
  • Andy Emery*: Coastal response to marine transgression: employing the offshore Holocene record to constrain future coastal realignment strategies. LARS-funded 2016-2020
  • Charlotte Allen: Evolution, processes and deposits of high latitude low sinuosity submarine channels. NERC DTP 2016-2020
  • Niall Gandy: Collapse of the British and Irish ice sheet: the role of climate and sea level changes NERC DTP 2016-2020
  • Rachel Healy*: Depositional architecture of a deep-water apron system: Unit 5, Skoorsteenberg Fm., Tanqua Depocentre, Karoo Basin, South Africa. LARS-funded 2016-2020
  • Kevin Boulesteix: Deepwater mudrock depositional processes and sequence stratigraphy in the Permo-Triassic icehouse to greenhouse transition, Karoo Basin, South Africa.
  • Stephen Eaton*: Origin, evolution, and mobility of large seabed bedforms, offshore East Anglia. SMRG/Vatenfall
  • Harya Nugraha: Multi-scale analysis of Mass-transport complexes (MTCs): Subsurface characterisation, prediction, and its impact on hydrocarbon exploration and production, Imperial College
  • Michael Steventon: Reservoir architecture and quality around active salt diapir in the Central North Sea, Imperial College
  • Nan Wu: MTCs characterisation and prediction in salt-related basins, Imperial College
  • Isaac Odeh: Reservoir architecture and quality around active salt diapir in the Central North Sea (PTDF-funded)
  • Tim Cullen: Response of density underflows to rift basin floor typography and palaeoenvironmental changes, Norwegian Research Council and PETROMAKS 2
  • Zoe Cumberpatch: Discerning halokinetic from autocyclic sequences in deep-marine sedimentary systems – the Bakio salt diapir and selected examples from Central graben, N. Sea. (NERC CDT)
  • Roxana-Mihaela Stanca: Evolution of a micro-continent during continental break-up: re-evaluating the Falklands Plateau (NERC DTP)
  • Junia Casagrande: Controls on the 3D architecture of submarine channel and lobe systems over stepped slope profile

Completed PhD research students:

  • Richard Wild (2002-2005): Sedimentological and sequence stratigraphic evolution of a Permian lower slope to shelf succession, Tanqua depocentre, SW Karoo Basin, South Africa
  • Carlos Oliveira (2004-2008): Soft sediment deformation processes and products in shelf to base of slope settings
  • Willem van der Merwe (2005-2009): Basin margin failure processes during the initiation of a deepwater system; the Vischkuil Formation, Laingsburg Depocentre, SW Karoo Basin, South Africa
  • Jorge Figueiredo (2005-2009): Stratigraphic prediction in mud-prone deepwater systems
  • Amandine Prélat (2006-2010): Evolution, architecture and hierarchy of distributary deep-water deposits: a high-resolution outcrop investigation of submarine lobe deposits from the Permian Karoo Basin South Africa
  • Rhodri Jerrett (2006-2010): Coal seams as high-resolution records of accommodation change in terrestrial environments
  • Rory O’Hara Murray (2006-2010): Suspended sand concentrations and bedform evolution under irregular waves
  • Ehsan Daneshvar (2006-2010): Empirical and Experimental Assessment of Environmental Controls on Sediment Mineralogy and Fabric Induced by Animals in Estuaries and Intertidal Areas
  • John Cummings (2007-2011): Assessing the response of deep-marine macrofauna to the early Palaeogene hyperthermal events: An integrated ichnological, geochemical and stratigraphical approach in the Basque Basin, northern Spain
  • Claire Mellett (2008-2012): Drowned landscapes of the eastern English Channel:
    records of Quaternary environmental change
  • Patrick Dowey (2008-2013): ction of clay minerals and grain-coatings in sandstone reservoirs utilising ancient examples and modern analogue studies
  • Gemma Byrne (2008-2013): The role of changing water geochemistry in mineral formation and distribution in estuaries
  • George Jones (2008-2013): Sedimentary processes and stratigraphic record of the shelf to slope transition; an example from the Karoo Basin, South Africa
  • Emma Morris (2009-2014): Stratigraphic record of sedimentary processes in submarine channel-levee systems
  • Alice Gulliford (2010-2014) (University of Manchester): Controls on river and overbank processes in an aggradation-dominated system: Permo-Triassic Beaufort Group, South Africa
  • Xiaoxi Wang (TU Delft, 2010-2015): Physical and numerical modelling of turbidity currents in bathymetrically complex settings - CSC
  • Marcello Gugliotta (University of Manchester): Tidal-Fluvial transitions and their stratigraphic significance - Lajas project
  • Menno Hofstra: From confined to unconfined: the sedimentary processes and stratigraphic record of submarine channel-mouth lobes – LOBE2 funded
  • Yvonne Spychala: Are all lobes made equal? Comparing the sedimentological processes and depositional architecture of submarine lobes in different palaeogeographic and sequence stratigraphic positions – LOBE2 funded
  • Janet Richardson: Antecedent fluvial systems on an uplifted continental margin: constraining Cretaceous to present-day drainage basin development in southern South Africa
  • Sarah Cobain: Mechanisms, distribution, and subsurface implications of clastic dyke and sill emplacement. NERC Open CASE (Statoil)
  • Andrea Ortiz- Karpf: Levee morphology and architecture in bathymetrically complex settings - Colciencas
  • Michelle Shiers: Sedimentology of fluvial channel-to-overbank transitions in low- and high-accommodation settings: an outcrop case study from the Upper Mesa Verde Group, Utah, USA - FRG-ERG funded
  • Catherine Burns: Quantitative prediction of fluvial stratigraphic architecture in overbank successions. FRG-funded
  • Catherine Russell: Controls on point bar architecture based on 3D outcrop studies. FRG
  • Luz Gomis Cartesio (University of Manchester): On the shelf to fluvial transition. SLOPE4
  • Hannah Brooks*: Influence of tectonic, erosional, and depositional relief on deepwater processes and stratigraphy. SLOPE4-funded
  • Albertina Nakashole: Seismic geomorphology and stratigraphy of the Namibian continental shelf: sediment dispersal patterns and coarse-grained coastal landforms. SMRG / PSG
  • Grace Cosgrove*: The continental shelf: a conveyor and/or filter of sediment to deep water? SMRG-funded

Research groups and institutes

  • Institute of Applied Geoscience
  • Sedimentology
  • Institute of Geophysics and Tectonics
  • water@leeds

Current postgraduate researchers

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