Dr Stefano Maffei

Dr Stefano Maffei


Since July 2019 I am a Research Fellow at the SEE, working with Prof. Phil Livermore in the context of the SWIGS project. The main purpose of my research activity is to produce end-member forecast for the geomagnetic field in the future that can inform and improve existing model to predict extreme space weather events.

Between March 2019 and October 2016 I have been a PostDoctoral researcher at the geophysics group of the physics department of University of Boulder (CU), Colorado. My main research area there was the study of Earth's outer core dynamics in the asymptotic limit of rapid rotation.

From 2012 to 2016 I have been a PhD student and researcher in the Earth and Planetary magnetism group at the Institute of Geophysics of ETH Zürich (Switzerland). There I studied the interannual to decadal dynamics of the Earth's outer core and its observable consequences on the geomagnetic field variations.

I graduated in Physics at the University of Bologna (Italy) in 2012. I performed my master's thesis in the National Group of Operative Oceanography of the INGV with the purpose of testing a new data assimilation implementation for the Adriatic Sea regional forecasting system.

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